Linking environmentally friendly production and sustainable consumption

Key Topics

The conference is open for a wide array of contributions within the overall topic of LCA in the food sector. The two (preliminary) headlines are:

I. Sharing experiences from the use of LCA in the food sector (Life Cycle Management, LC Thinking, etc.) and setting the agenda for future use of LCA.

(List of examples not exclusive)
  • Examples of the use of LCA by food companies, internally and externally
  • Demands for and use of LCA based documentation from retailers and chefs of restaurants and catering services
  • Present or potential use of LCA results by political decision makers
  • Examples of learning gained from LCA based comparisons of production forms and products (incl. convenience food)
  • Market and consumer responses to LCA based information and branding

II. Recent developments in LC inventories and LCA methodology: On the road to standardised procedures for Life Cycle Inventories and LCA in the food sector.

  • Examples of product based approaches used for environmental assessment of primary agricultural production
  • Promising methodological gains such as the use of systems expansion, new impact categories, indicators and application of standardisation/normalisation procedures
  • Analyses of potential improvements at different stages in the food production chain using LCA
  • Linkage of LCA with sustainability concepts, ecological space, ISO 14040-series, etc.
  • Examples of comprehensive LC Inventory data and the establishment of accessible databases
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